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SAF Security is an all-in-one solution for your police needs. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of hiring an off-duty police officer through SAF.

About SAF Security


SAF Security is a leading provider of off-duty police officers for security services throughout Texas. Our company is owned, operated and managed by law enforcement executives, and corporate business professionals. Our founders have over 25 years of experience in protecting critical infrastructures, mitigating risks, and providing the highest level of safety and security to corporations and communities. In addition to providing professional off-duty police officers for security, we provide executive protection to executives, dignitaries, and celebrities.

Contact us today to discuss hiring our off-duty police officers for your security needs.

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Secure your most valuable assets by hiring our off-duty police officers for your security needs. A Police Officer’s presence is a visible deterrent to crime. All of our Police Officers are active duty, commissioned Texas Peace Officers and have full authority to enforce state and local laws. Because of this, they provide much more than just security for your company. Our police officers provide an immediate response to address threats and criminal activity. 


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