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Whether your security needs are private or business related, SAF is here to secure you and your property. Our officers are trained in de-escalation techniques to provide the safest services to our clients. Our focus is safety with a heavy emphasis on customer service to guarantee the most tailored experience in security.


executive protection

Saf Security provides the highest level of executive protection services and bodyguard services by utilizing off-duty police officers, retired law enforcement officers, and specialized military personnel to protect our clients.


All of our executive protection agents are armed and have intense specialized training.  We cater to each client and can provide uniformed police officers, plain clothes police officers, or specially trained bodyguards depending on the client’s needs. 

Contact us today to discuss executive protection.

executive protection
Commercial Retail Security
Police Car

Commercial/Retail Security

Providing security to commercial, retail, and corporate properties is one of the many services provided by Saf Security. We provide armed, active duty police officers to maintain a high visibility presence and to deter crime. Unlike security guards, our off-duty police officers have the full powers of arrest and are highly trained in de-escalation and customer service. 

Contact us today to discuss your commercial/retail security concerns.

Hotel Lounge

Hotel/Convention Security

Saf Security understands the importance of providing an exceptional level of service to your customers while maintaining a highly visible, uniformed presence to make your guests feel safe and secure. Having a uniformed police officer on site provides the highest level of deterrent to criminals and makes your customers feel safe and secure. 

Contact us today to discuss security for your hotel and convention.

Wedding Aisle

Seasonal/Special Event

Saf Security provides professional seasonal and special event security for businesses and special events locations all across Texas.

Our off-duty law enforcement services include the coordination and handling of traffic control, crowd control, security, and VIP protection during your special event. All of our services are customized depending on the needs of our clients and can include uniformed or plain clothes officers depending on the clients needs.

Contact us today to discuss security for your special event.

Mother and Baby

Custodial Exchange

Separations are not always amiable. Hire a officer to oversee changes of custody.

Contact us today to discuss security for your custodial exchanges.

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